Section No. 1

Project Idea and Summary

The association I work for wanted to take me to Africa as well. When I went to Uganda, an idea came to my mind while visiting orphan children. With the improvised idea, we planned to draw water droplets reflecting their own characters by the orphan children, produce and sell them as NFTs, thereby providing for their needs and also funding the construction of a well for a village that lacked access to water.

Section No. 2


Problem: To raise awareness and address the needs of orphan children and the water scarcity in some African villages.
Solution: Combining the orphan children’s talents with the trending NFT technology of 2023 to attract attention.

Section No. 1


The project was successful as planned, shared under the motto “1 NFT = 1 Clean Water Well”. Consequently, 2 NFTs were sold. These 2 NFTs, approximately £6000, funded the opening of 2 water wells and provided 250 shoes, a volleyball court, and a football field for the orphan children. Additionally, the NFTs caught the attention of NFT millionaire @mondoir who added them to his collection and provided individual PR.